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Best Body Shaping Clinic in Hyderabad – FMS Sculpt

…One of the best Life Style Clinics in Hyderabad

At FMS Sculpt, we not only stand for body shaping treatments but also believe that the best thing anyone can have is a positive self-image about your body.
We are the experts in Non-Invasive Body Contouring treatments specialising in the treatments for both women and men.
Our passion is to help people achieve their desired body shape without the need of risky invasive surgeries.

Body Shaping With Advanced Technologies at FMS Sculpt

While other players in the industry offer a ‘one size fit all’ approach, FMS SCULPT is the first of its kind to offer a wide range of latest treatments using the most advanced next generation FDA approved state-of-the-art equipment for cryotherapy, radio frequency, Hifu, lasers and functional magnetic stimulation. In addition to this FMS offers nutrition counseling and fitness planning to enhance the results.
Best Body Shaping Clinic in Hyderabad
Body Shaping Treatment


You can now say good bye to the thought of liposuction, fat diets and over training. Even with your best efforts stubborn pockets of fat can be a lifetime issue. However, with non-invasive body contouring technologies, it’s possible to get rid of stubborn fat.

Body contouring treatments like Cryotherapy, HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultra Sound), Radio frequency, Lasers and Injection lipolysis are the best ways in reducing stubborn fat cells in the targeted areas such as neck, chin, jowls, arms, abdomen, waist, hips, back flanks, buttocks, thighs, knees and breasts to reshape your body. These are minimal to no downtime procedures that are pain-free, safe & effective.

This procedure helps in reducing skin laxity by producing more collagen in the targeted areas which prevents the problem of sagging skin after the procedure. Hence, skin tightening and fat reduction will happen simultaneously.

Per procedure analysis includes, Body composition analysis, BMI assessment and depending on your BMI, fat percentage and skin laxity. Team FMS will suggest customized treatment plan.


It is a non-invasive cooling Technology that gets rid of stubborn fat cells in the targeted area by freezing them. With the technology like CLATUU alpha 360 non-invasive replacement for invasive lipolysis desired results can be achieved. Designed with 360° Surround Cooling Technology, the multiple cooling cups fit all curves and contours from as high as your chin all the way down to the knees to deliver absolute, non-invasive body contouring your way.



At FMS Sculpt, we use a combination treatment of HIFU & Radio Frequency with BTL exiles 360, the impossible made possible. HIFU is an other kind of treatment for stubborn fat cell reduction using ultrasonic waves to destroy subconscious fat tissue. Radio Frequency is also known as skin tightening procedure. RF removes fat, tightens the skin, boost collagen improving skin tone with no downtime and is a pain free procedure.



Lasers are the latest addition to body sculpting technologies. Fotona Sp-Dynamis is combination of Nd:YAG & Er:YAG Laser. Fotona TightSculpting is a unique dual-wavelength, non-invasive laser treatment for sculpting and skin tightening on all body areas. The exclusive delivery modes are used in concert for hyperthermic adipocyte destruction and collagen remodelling with exceptional results. The procedure is a fast, safe and effective non-invasive alternative to laser lipolysis with no consumables or downtime required for the patient.



Is an effective non-surgical option for body contouring. Injection lipolysis chemically reduces the number of fat cells around the injection site. Chemical called deoxycholic acid, results in fat cell disruption and death. It is FDA-approved effective treatment for the area underneath the chin to reduce “double chin”.



At FMS Sculpt, we don’t just do fat reduction but achieve muscle shaping and body contouring using FOTONA STAR FORMER, the latest functional magnetic stimulation technology. This technology provides pulsed magnetic field contracting the muscle through its effect on the motor nerves that result in increased muscle mass on the targeted muscle. StarFormer is a high intensity Tesla magnetic stimulation (HITS™) device, enabling muscles to strengthen, tone and firm without effort.


Why FMS Sculpt For Body Shaping and Contouring?

1. First step is to understand your expectations, lifestyle and other systemic concerns.

2. Body analysis will be done with the FDA approved Mediana i30 BCA technology for BMI, Fat percentage and Skin laxity.

3. Individually Customise with our signature plans for your body contouring with various treatments like CoolSculpting, radio frequency, Hifu, Erbium and Nd-Yag lasers and functional magnetic stimulation.

4. Our nutritionist will rework on your diet.

5. Our physiotherapist and fitness trainers will design a fitness program that can suit your lifestyle.



People want to lose weight and stay in shape due to many factors like appearance, confidence, social stigma, overall health, fitness, etc.

Most of the people gain weight due to lifestyle issues or consuming more energy than they burn.

In few cases consuming fewer calories can help but not in all cases. However factors like metabolism, hormones and the type of food you eat also plays a key role in weight gain.

Many diet plans give you weight loss but our nutritionists at FMS sculpt recommend combing a healthy, weight reduction or muscle gain diet with physical activity especially for long term results.

A person should consult a nutritionist before going on less calorie diet; they should also make sure to take appropriate carbohydrates, proteins and fat ratio suitable for good health.

Balanced meal plan in terms of nutrition is necessary; poor meal plan will lead to malnutrition, poor diet can also lead to mood swings and lack of energy.

A person can control their body weight with the combination of exercise and well-balanced diet.

To control weight, avoid restrictive diets and too much calorie reduction can slow down the metabolism. Exercising for more than 30 minutes a day, consuming more protein and being mindful of carbs can give miraculous results.

We at FMS sculpt take in the consideration of all the factors like BMI, fat percentage, body type etc. Our nutritionist will design customized diet based on your body mass index, this will re enforce and maintain the results achieved by the non-invasive procedures.


Exercise and physical activity everyday are great ways to feel better about yourself; exercise also has added benefits such as weight control, it improves your mood, helps in boosting your energy, helps you sleep better and it can also be fun and social.

A combination of healthy diet and exercise is the most effective way to stay fit. To reap the benefits of exercise, it is recommended to combine at least 3 workouts like aerobics, weight training, yoga etc. for 30 minutes each. To receive all the health benefits, an experience mix of high intensity works outs is needed.

Mix of workouts can be –

Aerobics should be included in some form. Aerobics workouts help you get your heart rate hop and your blood pumping. Aerobics includes exercises like swimming, cycling, running, dancing etc.

Weight training – Weight trash helps in shedding fat by building muscle and muscle in turn burns calories. Weight training can include – abs, biceps, chest, quads, shoulders etc.

Yoga – Yoga is an intensive workout but can help lose weight and improve flexibility.

It is very important to incorporate exercises into your lifestyle, even if you have busy and hectic lifestyle.

Combination of work outs can be designed as home based work out and there is no need to go to gym every day. You will just need to squeeze in 30 minutes a day for workout at home, at your convenience even on a hectic day. We at FMS sculpt can help you Design workouts around your lifestyle.

Combination of nutrition and fitness will help you help you reinforce and maintain the results achieved by the non-invasive procedures.