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Muscle Sculpting

We see a lot of people, irrespective of gender, hitting out the gym to tone their muscles and build muscle mass. There has been quite a revolution in Muscle Sculpting technology that can help you achieve a toned body and build muscle mass with ease.
Muscle Sculpting is for individuals, who want to gain, increase strength and build muscle non-invasively. This procedure helps you sculpt your muscles, get a fit and toned body that you have always desired. This technique can be tailored according to patient’s needs and personal fitness level. We at FMS sculpt employ FMS(functional magnetic stimulation) technology as part of Muscle Sculpting procedures.
For many, just diet and exercise are just not enough for people to build the physique they desire. In such cases, Electromagnetic stimulation (EMS technology) and Functional magnetic stimulation (FMS technology) are optimal solutions for building muscle while at the same time, reducing stubborn pockets of fats in a non-invasive way. We at FMS Sculpt use Fotona StarFormer which comes with FmSculpt (functional magnetic stimulation) technology for muscle toning. StarFormer is a high intensity Tesla magnetic simulation device, which enables muscle strengthening and toning with no effort. It is a non-invasive and a painless method which uses functional magnetic simulation. So, the magnets are placed near the target area and the magnetic pulses harmlessly penetrate the muscle layers, automatically causing them to contract. With Fotona StarFormer, muscle cells can be built-up effortlessly without voluntary muscle contractions, just as we see in traditional strength training, thus resulting in enhanced muscle strength.


Functions Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) is preferred over Electrical Magnetic Stimulations (EMS) as FMS does not require direct contact over the skin unlike EMS and is also comfortable than EMS. FMS uses electromagnetic pulses to reach deep layers of the muscles whereas EMS cannot. Hence, FMS is preferred over EMS

The areas that can be treated are:

-Hamstring area
-Back muscles

FmSculpt(functional magnetic stimulation) technology is a cutting-edge technology and is one of the safest and most effective methods for muscle toning and body shaping.
Since, this procedure employs non-invasive method for muscle toning, it is not painful at all. You can peacefully sleep throughout the session or you may sit and read a magazine in the meanwhile as it depends on the area of treatments that you are planning for. The session lasts for about 30 minutes with no downtime and one can even return to work after the session is done. However, you may feel an intense stretch on the treatment area.
There are no major side effects during or after the treatment. However, one may experience muscle soreness for a day or two just like the how you feel after an intense workout session.
The Session lasts for 30 minutes each and one can take up a maximum of 3 sessions per week. However, it varies according to the patients’ needs and desired results. It is advised that, you consult our team of expertise at FMS Sculpt as the needs are tailored according to your requirements and desired results.
Any person who has a BMI index of < 25 is suitable for this treatment. However, it is advised that, you consult our expertise at FMS Sculpt so that they can probe your requirements, check if you have any underlying medical conditions and then advise you the best course of action.