Laser Body Contouring

Laser Body Contouring

Laser body contouring treatment is a non-invasive procedure of removing fat and help in tightening of skin/skin fixation. All the non-invasive fat reduction/skin tightening procedures come under one umbrella term and is commonly known as ‘body contouring’. Along with Cryotherapy, HiFu and Radio Frequency (RF) procedures, we at FMS Sculpt for the first time are incorporating another cutting-edge technology with combination of Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser for body sculpting.

How laser body contouring works?

Laser body contouring is a non-invasive technique that incorporates a low-vitality laser which when exposed to areas of fat, results in breakdown of fat cells and helps in body chiseling and tightening of skin. This procedure is one of the most-advanced body contouring techniques which require short periods of time. We at FMS Sculpt, use Fotona SP Dynamis for laser body contouring. The Fotona SP Dynamis is a multi-application laser platform that offers more than 100 approved applications in aesthetics, surgery and gynecology. Based on the 1064 nm Nd:YAG and 2940 nm Er:YAG laser wavelengths, with multiple modalities of energy packaging for each, this single high-performance laser system is able to replace up to 10 different energy-based devices.


Laser body contouring is very safe and is one of the most effective non-surgical procedures for body contouring, The pads or laser diodes are frequently moved and are not exposed continuously to a particular area for a very long time and the session lasts not more than 30 minutes. So, it is completely safe.
This treatment is non-invasive in nature, which means there will be no pain. Laser diodes or laser pads are applied to the target area which emits laser energy on the targeted area which is usually very relaxing. One can even get back to work immediately after the treatment, as there is no downtime.
Laser body contouring is usually works for people who are concerned with ‘problem areas’ than total-body weight loss. It usually works for people who have BMI between 25-30.
The advantages of laser body contouring are one may experience results immediately after the session. However, it takes at least 6-8 sessions for the results to be evident.
Requirement varies from patient to patient. Usually, multiple sessions are required, and it normally takes 2-4 sessions in week per patient.
There are usually no side-effects of laser body contouring, but one may experience bruising and tenderness in the treated area.
Laser body contouring doesn’t destroy fat cells. Instead, they flush out the stored fatty acids, glycerol and water and then expelled out from through body waste. So, a balanced diet is the only way to ensure optimal results so that the fat cells aren’t regenerated.
Areas that can be treated – Abdomen, Waistline, Thighs, Arms, Under the chin