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Cryolipolysis literally means cold (cryo) fat (lipo) destruction (lysis)

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Cryolipolysis Treatment Procedure For Fat Reduction at FMS Sculpt

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Cryolipolysis or cool sculpting is a nonsurgical body contouring treatment for localized fat reduction also knows as fat freeze. It is the most effective non-surgical way to permanently get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that is resistant to diet and exercises.

Cryolipolysis is a treatment that uses controlled cooling technology to freeze fat cells , killing up to 30% of fat cells within a session and which later on are naturally metabolised through your system. Cryolipolysis is a walk-in , walk-out , with little to no downtime procedure unlike laser liposuction or surgical liposuction.

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We can help you get remove unwanted , stubborn fat in the areas like abdomen , flanks (love handles) , arms , double chin , knees , bra bulge , banana rolls , inner and outer thighs , etc

At FMS SCULPT we combine a holistic approach with non-invasive , medical grade Technology equipment like CLATUU ALPHA 360. Clatuu alpha 360 with dual hand-pieces , meaning multiple hand pockets can be targeted in a single 45-60mins session.

Our experienced team understands body aesthetics , symmetry and fitness . No two people are the same , all our treatment plans are tailored to each person’s body and goals. We FMS sculpt believe everyone deservers a treatment program as individual as they are.

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How dose fat freezing work ?

A special vacuumed applicator is applied in area of the body and a controlled cooling technology lowers the treatment area to -9C. Cooling energy treats the fat layer without any damage to surrounding cells. As fat cells cannot survive at this temperature , these fat cells crystalline , die and over a period of 12 weeks naturally eliminate from the body.

What are the benefits of Cryolipolysis ?

Cryolipolysis has proven to be one of the best option of removing stubborn pockets of fat resistant to diet and fitness. The main benefits of Cryolipolysis treatment is that is it completely non-invasive and requires no downtime , there is no risk of infection and is a time efficient procedure.

Dose Cryolipolysis treatment work ?

Cryolipolisis treatment has high success rate in removing stubborn fat pockets from body areas.

This procedure can remove fat but people cannot expect to see complete fat removal as it is a body contouring procedure. Lifestyle and other factors play a key role , if an individual continues to eat unhealthy diet and remains sedentary while under going Cryolipolysis the results might not be seen.

What is the advantage of Cryolipolysis ?

It is a noninvasive procedure , it dose not require cuts , anesthesia or any kinda of medication. The rate of complication is much lower to negligible compared to invasive procedures like liposuction.

Is Cryolipolysis painful ? What are the side effects ?

It is found that only 1% have reported any kind of side effects , most side effects are-

Tugging sensation at the treatment area. When doctor places a roll of fat between two cooling panels on the part of your body being treated , can create a sensation of tugging and pulling . This sensation might last for the whole procedure. People might experience pain , stinging or aching at the treatment site. This might being immediately after the treatment and can last until about two weeks after treatment.

There could be temporary redness , swelling , bruising , skin sensitivity and localized pain at the treatment area. They usually go away on their own after few weeks. These side effects occur because Cryolipolysis treatments affects the skin in a smilier manner as frostbite, targeting the fatty tissue just below the skin. However Cryolipolysis / coolsculpting is a safe treatment and dose not cause any frostbite.

How long does Coolsculpting / Cryolipolysis treatment last ?

This treatment destroys fat cells and those particularly fat cells which have been destroyed will not return.

However destroying existing fat cells will not prevent new fat cells, that is why it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle habits after the treatment to preserve the results of the treatment. A person who do not exercise or who do not follow a health diet many soon see the fat return.

Coolsculpting / Cryolipolysis is a cosmetic procedure , it will not address the underlying cause of unwanted fat. A person who has metabolic conditions , diabetes , or an unhealthy lifestyle may quickly regain fat lost through this treatment.

It is important to consult doctor and nutritionist to maintain the treatment result.

What is CLATUU ALPHA advantage ?

The CLATUU ALPHA 360 can non-invasively freeze of significant fat from double chin to the knee , thanks to the technology’s 360 degree surround cooling that provides body contouring like no other. Side effects are much lesser or almost negligible with CLATUU ALPHA compared to other Cryolipolysis equipment.